Wadham College

Wadham College, Oxford celebrated its 400th Anniversary in 2010, and the College had identified their upcoming milestone anniversary as an ideal opportunity to launch an ambitious fund-raising campaign. Visual Philosophy worked closely with Wadham’s Development office to establish a new graphic framework for all the College’s communications, an exercise which provided visual cohesion that had been lacking.

Once a Wadham ‘styling’ had been developed, work began on creating the identity and collateral for the 2010 Campaign. We developed a range of materials to be used by the team to solicit funds from the alumni database including a lavish book celebrating the contribution of famous Wadhamites to society over the past 400 years. The response was phenomenal: The College reached halfway towards its campaign goal, ahead of schedule, and in the process became the highest-grossing, in fund-raising terms, of all Oxford Colleges in 2009-2010.

“Wadham has tremendously benefited from the work done by Visual Philosophy. We have progressed from a stuffy, traditional image to a fresh and contemporary identity. This new look gets attention from our alumni around the world. Wherever we go we are complimented on the clarity of the design and impact of the visuals, and I am in no doubt that this has contributed to the extraordinary success of our recent fund-raising efforts. It’s a pleasure working with Visual Philosophy and I cannot imagine being without them now.”

Kirsty MacDonald, Director of Development, Wadham College