West End Oxford

When a masterplan to regenerate a major part of Oxford’s city centre was developed, we were asked to create an identity for a place that didn’t yet exist outside of the imaginations of the key stakeholders. Our task was to create a brand that would make tangible the vision of the future ‘West End’. We worked with project leaders to develop and articulate a set of core values for the West End that could be used to benchmark all future development – values that expressed the key themes of ‘openness’ (both the opening up of the town quarter and open dialogue between developers, residents, businesses, etc); the ‘balance’ between old and new, public and private space, commerciality and altruism;  and the demand for excellence – in planning, in execution and in communication of the vision.

With the project team we developed a communication plan that included direct mail pieces, maps, newsletters, advertising and a West End website. We also created concepts ideas for wayfinding in the future development.