Symm and Co

Symm is one of the UK’s premier building companies. With a continuous presence in Oxford since the reign of King George III Symm has been responsible for bringing to life some of the country’s most beautiful structures, including many of Oxford’s landmark buildings. With an extraordinary accumulation of highly-talented, apprentice-trained craftsmen, they have gained a reputation as ‘No Ordinary Builder’. When Visual Philosophy were invited to update the company’s corporate literature, it was clear that no ordinary brochure would do.

We redesigned the brochure using imagery of Symm’s many prestigious projects, interspersed with enigmatic black and white photographs of their craftsmen and women at work. The structure of the content was reviewed to ensure that, besides being a visual feast to browse through, the brochure would also serve as a sales presentation tool when required. The brochure’s dust jacket shows an image of one of the company’s recent constructions, with the inner cover featuring the architectural plan of the building.