Headington School Magazine

We have designed and produced Headington School’s Alumnae magazine for a number of years.
The theme for 2017’s edition was designed around the School’s ‘Year of Performing Arts’, complete with; ‘playbill’ style contents; a ‘cast of characters’ highlighting pupil achievements; ‘in the spotlight’ interviews with alumnae who have gone on to become professional performers; and the incorporation of many of the student’s illustrations and paintings.

‘Visual Philosophy’ have played a key role in putting the work of the development office back ‘on the map’ at Headington School. Their design work has an impactful, clean and vibrant quality to it, and they are adept at digesting complex briefs and synthesising them to maximum visual effect. The series of alumnae magazines that they have designed for us has been a triumph.

Tim Edge
Director of Development
Headington School