Grant Featherston

Grant Featherston was a prolific Australian furniture designer working from the 1940s-80s. Although his name is not widely known, some of his designs were so commercially successful that it is no exaggeration to claim that nearly every Australian has sat on a Featherston chair.

We were commissioned by Geoff Isaac, who had written the first ever monograph about this influential designer, to develop the layout for this lavish retrospective. The casebound book features more than 250 photographs of Featherston’s iconic designs. We focused on creating lively layouts, many using layered montages to help describe the structure of the pieces, and combined this with a distinctly ‘mid-century’ colour palette.

The project, for which Geoff had originally raised $50,000 through crowd-funding, was picked up by Thames & Hudson once they’d seen the finished designs, and subsequently published by them. It has been entered for the Australian Book Designers Association (ABDA) Awards 2018.