Magdalen College School

Magdalen College School in Oxford developed a campaign to fundraise and publicise the brand new Sixth Form Centre it was planning to build in during 2017. We were asked to create campaign styling and a suite of materials to raise awareness of the project which included a mailing piece and designs for extensive hoardings that would surround the site during the build.

For the brochure, we created a mailer from a single sheet that, when folded, formed a pocket to hold a separate piece (explaining the impact on students, staff and parents during the build process), and which opened up to become a poster showing a floor plan and images of the new space.

The hoarding designs were based around a ‘Magdalen’ alphabet, using images created by students that described elements of school life. These ‘alphabet panels’ were interspersed with panels allowing a view into the build area (‘P’ is for peek) and whiteboard panels that were used for ‘Word of the week’, and ‘Maths problem of the day’. A separate group of panels described the history of philanthropy at Magdalen School.

Other pieces we’ve created for Magdalen College School include a bursary campaign brochure, legacy brochures, school newsletters, and more….