Gravity Fields

Gravity Fields 2012 was the inaugural festival of Science and the Arts celebrating the achievements of the father of modern science, Sir Isaac Newton, in his birthplace of Grantham. The week-long festival included talks by world-leading scientists, workshops, art exhibitions and musical events, and culminated in a ‘transformation of the town’ of Grantham, packed with light displays, fire pendulums and community processions.

VisualPhilosophy created the branding for the event and to develop promotional literature, display materials, the festival website, and a lavish and educational souvenir brochure. A graphic identity that steered clear of obvious cliche’s took the form of an orbital motif that could be used in changing and exciting ways across the many applications required. A balance was sought in the positioning of the branding; the solution needed to project the academic weight of many of the events and speakers, but equally be appealing to schoolchildren and the public at large, to encourage them to engage and explore the many science-based events. The Festival met with huge success, with higher than expected numbers of attendees, and will now become an bi-annual fixture.

Pulling together an entirely new festival concept from scratch was a challenge, to say the least!. Having VisualPhilosophy on board to develop the superb branding made the task a great deal easier. The identity worked so well across the many applications, and we hit just the right balance of ‘gravitas’ and playfulness.”

Rosemary Richards, Festival Director