Foxdenton Estate

Foxdenton Estate is a family run company that specialises in the production of English Fruit Gin Liqueurs. Founded in 1935 by the somewhat eccentric Major Charles Radclyffe (an all-round Edwardian adventurer who was twice shipwrecked and once trainwrecked), it is today run by his grandson and great-grandsons who continue to produce fine liqueurs and spirits, based on traditional recipes and using British fruit.

We were tasked with creating all new styling for the company’s range of fruit liqueurs, and our new labels, which use Victorian engravings of fruits and botanicals, capture the traditional values of the company, cementing their position as a long-established distillery amongst a plethora of new gin brands in a busy and growing sector.

As well as developing new labels for the company’s signature fruit gins, and for their ‘48’ London Dry Gin, we continue to work on new products for Foxdenton, including seasonal citrus gins, a Christmas Liqueur, and their Dark Lantern Rum (another notable ancestor, Robert Radclyffe – High Sheriff of Dorset, spent his nights pursuing illegal smugglers in the late 18th century!).

“Visual Philosophy took our slightly unformed ideas on how our labels needed to look and helped us produce elegant styling for our entire range of products. They have really helped us develop our brand image and we are constantly being praised by customers for the quality of our packaging and labels. Only last week a buyer assumed we were a much bigger company because of the professionalism of our labelling.”

Nick Radclyffe